October 11, 2021 - 372 views

by VICKY BAUNKE in Goroka

Assistance continues to come in by Goroka communities towards the Goroka Provincial Hospital in the fight against COVID-19.

100 oxygen cylinders were given by the Eastern Highlands Adventist students association last week including other supplies to the COVID-19 isolation ward in Goroka.

Local PNG Trucking Company Mapai Limited come with a donation of 105 oxygen cylinders over the weekend on behalf of the PNG trucking companies operating along the Highlands Highway.

The prompt response from by the EHASA group has seen a total of 50 out of 100 gas cylinders given by the group from the SDA community throughout including other equipments costing at K73,800 including 60 plastic Chiars, 15 power extension cords, 6 20L urns and 15 power adapters.

Oxygen supply assistance to the hospital so far are 50/100 gas cylinders from EHASA, Obura Wonenara MP Mehra Minne Kipefa, Goroka MP Aiye Tambua, Mapai trucking Transport company on behalf of trucking companies along the Highlands Highway with 105 oxygen cylinders, individual supports from business houses, Eastern Highlands Unitech students and others from the Eastern Highlands community throughout the country continue to come  in cash and kind.

Meanwhile, the PNG Chinese community also came to the aid yesterday (10/11/21) afternoon with 5 oxygen concentrators plus food stuff to the EHPHA in Goroka.

Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority (EHPHA) CEO Dr Joseph Appa says oxygen is a very important need for the treatment of COVID-19 patients and the new delta variant strain in the country.

Dr Appa said COVID-19 attacks the lungs affecting the breathing system of patients to pump blood and oxygen to other parts of the body and oxygen is used to help patients to breath and keep them alive.

He thanked those who have supported so far in the supply of oxygen suppliers, cylinders and other equipment to the hospital so far.


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