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Photo credits: NCD/Central Divisional Command
Caption: Isreal Badui, he has been arrested and charged for impersonating a police officer. 
A man has been arrested and charged for prentending to be a member of the Royal PNG Constabulary. 
He was apprehended by police on Saturday 9th October at a shopping centre in the nation's capital, Port Moresby. 
According to information provided by the NCD/Central Divisional Command, the man, now identified as Isreal Badiu of East Sepik origin, was in the Gerehu Shopping Centre when he came face to face with the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu.
Superintendent Ikumu, approached the impersonator, demanding why he was scruffy in uniform and conducting himself unprofessionally in a supermarket.
Superintendent Ikumu realised something was not right, when the man didn't know who was speaking to him.
He was apprehended by Waigani Police who were close by and were first to respond.
Police personnel cofirmed that the man was an impersonator; Badui has never undertaken any formal police training and is not even a police reservist. 
He was taken to Waigani Police Station, where he was formally arrested and charged.
The Police uniform was removed from him and will be used as exhibit in Court.
The NCD/Central Divisonal Command is now calling on members of the community who may have at one time been dealt with by this person, to report any of the incidents if any to Waigani Police Station.
"Internal Investigations will ascertain as to how he and for how long he has been impersonating to be a member of the RPNGC and if any regular members of the Constabulary have been entertaining him."
Divisional Commander NCD/Central Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Jnr has also stated that there are reports of more impersonators within NCD and Central, and work is being done to identify and arrest them.


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