October 21, 2021 - 408 views

Picture and Story by DAVID SUSUVE


The morgue at the Port Moresby General Hospital is packed to capacity and is currently facing shortage of space due to increase of Covid 19 deaths in the city.

Acting Director of Medical Services Dr. Koni Sobi confirmed this today while giving an update on the current situation faced at the morgue facility. 

He says over the past two weeks, the hospital received over 70 Covid-19 deaths, an average of almost 5 – 6 deaths per day and the number is expected to rise.

Dr. Koni says right now they have about 50 Covid-19 bodies lying in the freezer.   

He says there are up to 300 bodies being kept in a facility that can only cater for only 120 at a time. 

The facility has 5 shipping containers, each can hold up to 20 bodies but each container is holding more than the required number of bodies.

He says in this unprecedented time of Covid-19, it is critical that the morgue be expanded. 

Dr Koni says mass burial in ongoing, but at this time they want to empty the morgue due to recent strain of Covid-19 deaths.

 He confirmed that on Sunday, the hospital received about 16 Covid-19 deaths, which is the biggest since the outbreak.


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