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Two Simbu Provincial Health Authority (SiPHA) board members have resigned to contest the 2022 National General Elections (NGE). 

The two board members are Robert Kaure Nilkare who was the board chairman, and Michael Sipa who represented the community in the board and have served for over two years as inaugural board members. 

The two board members coincidently will contest the Gumine Open electorate racing against the incumbent Nick Kopia Kuman when the writs open May 12th. 

Another board member Lady Nicky Nombri, who is the wife of late Sir Joseph Nombri, resigned voluntarily due to aging. 

Sir Joseph Nombri, who was ambassador to Japan in 1981 and served for 11 years, was instrumental in seeking funding of K8 million from the Japanese Government in building the Kundiawa General Hospital to international standards. 

The then Kundiawa General Hospital was named after Sir Nombri after his death in 2008, and the name was sustained after the hospital came under the Provincial Health Authority status recently. 

With such standardized health facility, the hospital attracted a cadre of health professionals who raised the quality of services that gradually build up the status of the hospital to a five-star rating. 

And with prudent governance and management from the board and administration Sir Joseph Nombri Memorial Hospital (SJNMH) attained the status of Provincial Health Authority, the latest inclusion in PNG pursuing the government’s policy of having a fragmented health system into a single health system. 

During the farewell occasion of the three SiPHA’s board members , the Chief Executive Officer Dr Francis Wandi applauded the resigned board members of their level of representation to the board. 

Dr Wandi said the SJNMH has seen a transition of corporate culture approaching to a public sector systemized ways of management and administration. 

Dr Wandi said evident were the independent appointment of a permanent CEO, declaring two rural health facilities to rural hospital status, and a progressive partnership approach strategy with relevant stakeholders. 

He outlined that non-government organizations are now partnering with the hospital like St John’s Ambulance, corporate organizations like Data Co, City Pharmacy Limited, and learning institution like Divine Word University. 

The hospital services are breaking new grounds in areas of having specialist orthopedic services in the country and also for the hospital to be the Highlands Regional Center for Cancer, Dr Wandi outlined. 

He said the challenges still remain but with an articulate board and steadfast management the relationship between the board of governance and management team would uphold best practices for the health system of Simbu to transit into the PHA system of health administration. 

Meanwhile, the outgoing board chairman Robert Kaure Nilkare said Simbu does not have the economy base to support the functions of SiPHA and urged the administration to reinforce the partnerships that are already in place and also for the six districts to support the single health system of the province with their DSIP health component funds. 


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