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Opposition Leader Belden Namah is set to take parliament and the reigning Marape-Basil government to task over two decisions that are changing the course of history for PNG. 

Two Supreme Court cases he filed over the creation of 13 new electorates and subsequent decision to allow seven for this National General Elections; 

The other is on the Super Tax intended to be imposed by September on BSP and Digicel, and affecting Super Fund retirement savings of workers. 

FM100 News has sighted both applications and received confirmation from reliable sources within the Supreme Court registry today that both matters are set to be heard in May. 

The first Supreme Court case was filed on April 10th seeking the high court’s interpretation on several sections of the Constitution, and Part III of the Sections 25 to 42 of the Organic Law on National and Local Level Government Elections. 

This matter SCOS 003/2022 was to have come for a directions hearing on Monday April 18th.  The Supreme Court registry today confirmed with FM100 News that the case has now been set down for Listings on May 2nd. 

In the second application filed on April 13th by Namah through is lawyers from Young and Williams, the Opposition Leader is seeking to stop the government from going ahead to impose the Super Tax Laws intendent to come into effect this September. 

Namah (pictured) last week, in a precedent move, was joined by the PNG Trade Congress Union to appeal to all workers in the country to support this legal battle. 

PNGTUC stated then in their joint press conference that PNGTUC has no political alliance with Namah, other than supporting this legal action, as they are also passionate about the severe impacts it will put on the retirement savings of workers in Super Funds which save in BSP. 

Namah also stated these cases are being paid for from his pocket as these are national issues which are and will affect the people in the country who are already having a hard financial time. 

FM100 News perused the filed application today which mentions that the Super Tax Laws to be implemented is ‘harsh’, ‘oppressive’ and ‘unlawful’ under Section 41 of the Constitution, in particular, the Income Tax Laws. 

This matter is set for a Directions Hearing on May 9th.


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