December 17, 2021 - 561 views

by Qwineth Wangoro

The PNG Nurses Association wants the National Department of Health to retract its directive to retail pharmaceutical companies in the country that operate clinics as unlawful. 

The health department has recently directed for all Medical Clinic operations within the vicinity of retail pharmacy outlets in PNG as unlawful and a contravention of the Medicine and Cosmetic Act 1999. 

The decision affects companies who operate clinics such as KMK Pharmacy, Leon Pharmacy and CPL Pharmacy. 

But, PNGNA today told FM100 News it is concerned, that closures of clinics operated by Pharmaceutical companies will surely affect the welfare of clinical nurses in urban centers with less job opportunities. 

The association says the government needs to come clear in addressing this issue, as it affects nurses and pharmacists working in these pharmaceutical companies. 

General Secretary Gibson Siune says these pharmaceutical companies have qualified nurses and doctors who have been providing quality healthcare service to 5% of the country’s population. 

He’s recommended a round-table consultation between these companies, NDoH Pharmaceutical Board and Medical Board. 


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