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What better way to mark your work anniversary than to officially Christian a boat! 

On Friday (December 3), Monica Manau, (pictured) a long serving staff of PNG Ports Corporation Limited (PNG Ports) was given the honour of christening PNG Ports’ latest Pilot Boat, Davage. 

Davage is the second of five customised pilot boats for PNG Ports, built by renowned boat makers, Norman R. Wright & Sons, and purchased for AUD$2.2 million each. 

Deputy Chairman of PNG Ports, Harvey Nii, said the addition of Davage into the PNG Ports fleet of pilot boats moves the company ahead in the marine pilotage sector. 

“PNG Ports has been the only capable pilotage service provider in the region for 60 years now,” Mr Nii says. 

“The re-fleet of pilot boats now gives PNG Ports a competitive edge in the industry and enables us to better serve our clients.” 

“It is a good investment, the boats have speed, lesser fuel consumption, are fully kitted with navigational equipment and safety equipment, and are serviceable with accessories to meet client requirements,” he says. 

The first pilot boat, Siabo, was delivered early this year and christened in April. 

PNG Ports has invested more than AU$11 million in the purchase of five customised pilot boats to boost its fleet. The remaining three are expected to be delivered next year. 

Mrs Manau joined PNG Ports, then known as the PNG Harbours Board, on January 1, 1979. 

As is the tradition that marine vessels have to be christened by females, Mrs Manau, in recognition of serving 43 years with PNG Ports, christened Davage. 

Mrs Manau, who is with the Storage team in Motukea Port, said it was indeed an honour to play a significant role in this milestone event by PNG Ports. 

Davage is named after the beach in Boera from which the first Lakatoi was launched for the inaugural Hiri trade. 

Siabo was named after Edai Siabo, the Chief from Boera who envisioned the Hiri trade. 

PNG Ports chose these Motuan names because it operates from the Fairfax Harbour within the port of Port Moresby and the Motuan coast where the historical trade took place

Source: Statement PNG Ports (06/12/2021)


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