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While delivering the opening remarks at the 10th Seminar of PNG NRI’s Political Parties’ Policies seminar series, Dr. Osborne Sanida, PNG NRI Director said often we ask political parties on what they would do when they form Government or be part of a new Government but political parties in the Opposition also play an important role in our democracy, especially from the perspective of “checks and balance” and offering alternative policy options.

This is to say that both the Government and Opposition play a vital role. In this regard and in the context of the Seminar Series, political parties play an important role in addressing issues whether they are in Government or Opposition.

Dr. Sanida said the seminar series is aimed at to strengthening the role of political parties and policies to address the challenges and issues PNG was facing.

“We are glad to be working with the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates Commission (IPPCC) to host this seminar series.”

Political Parties Registrar, Dr. Alphonse Gelu in his closing remarks, said giving recognition to women must be a priority for political parties in the 2022 National General Election.

“Our parliament must reflect the composition of our society; hence, women must be represented in the floor of parliament.”

He said that the political parties must have ideological stance of their party and must brand their philosophies and ideology. 

PNG Liberal Democratic Party, PNG One Nation Party and Melanesian Liberal Party presented their policies, visions, and missions during the 10th Seminar.

General Secretary of the PNG Liberal Democratic Party, Mr. Killen Tanuve, said the party’s policies were centered around the pillars of administration and good governance services 
commitments, political services commitment, spiritual development services commitment, economic services development commitment, and social services development commitment. 

PNG One Nation Party, General Secretary Mr Jonah Kamo, said the party policies are focused on the creation of separate ministries of Church Ministry, Youth Ministry and Women Ministry if 
they were to be a part of Government.

“Empowering these groups is the way forward for PNG because it constitutes the nation in its position for development,” Mr. Kamo said.

Melanesian Liberal Party General Secretary, Mr Kepas Paon presented the party’s policies on building quality leadership in all aspects of the society. “Good ethical leadership leads to good 
ethical decisions and it attracts respects for one and other.”

He said the party is a vehicle to create likeminded people that can take the nation forward in the future.

The party policy is to uphold the rule of law and serve the people.


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