Tuesday's Talkback Schedule

Tuesday's Talkback Schedule

Host: Douglas Dimagi


Topic: General Operations & Challenges of the Public Solicitors Office

Guest: Mr Leslie Mamu, Public Solicitor

The discussion will look at the work of the Public Solicitor, the common challenges and new initiatives moving forward.


10:00AM - 12:00PM

Topic:  Disaster Preparedness, Kadovar & Manam Resettlement Update, Ward Books and Council Elections  

Guest: Kevin Isifu (Minister for Inter-Government Relations), Dickson Guina (Secretary for Department of Provincial & Local Level Government Affairs), Martin Mose (Acting Director, National Disaster Office), and Bill Roo (Chief Fire Officer for the PNG Fire Services)

This delegation led by the Minister aims to cover PNG's disaster-preparedness capability, as well as giving an update on the state of affairs for the Kadovar Islanders and Manam Islanders. The discussion will also seek to clarify the confusion surrounding the national council elections to be staged in the next few months.