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Picture supplied: CCDA Acting Managing Director, Mr William Lakain (left)and the WNB Provincial Administrator, Mr Williamson Hosea during the signing of the MoU for the establishment of the WNB PCCC. Pic by CCDA officers


West New Britain is the first province to set up its Provincial Climate Change Committee.

On Friday December 3rd, West New Britain signed an agreement with the Climate Change Development Authority (CCDA) to establish the PCCC. 

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between West New Britain Provincial Administrator Mr. Williamson Hosea and CCDA's Acting Managing Director, Mr. William Lakain following a consultation by Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) in October. The initial consultation between WNBPA and CCDA begun in 2016.

The event was witnessed by WNB Provincial Management Team, Environment and Climate Change Unit and Officers from CCDA who travelled to Kimbe.

Mr Williamson upon receiving the CCDA delegation mentioned the efforts of the provincial administration especially its structure to create a Climate Change Unit.

This unit will play a vital role in coordinating efforts within the Province through the Provincial Climate Change Committee (PCCC) and liaise with CCDA at the National level.

The signing of the MoU is a milestone achievement for the province as it sets precedents as the first province in the country to establish its PCCC.

CCDA acting Managing Director, Mr Lakain said the MoU is the key step forward for both parties to foster effective working relationship to address climate change issues within the province.

“I commend the Governor, the Provincial Administration and the people of WNB for their efforts towards implementing climate change measures in the province,” he said.

This committee will also be a mechanism to support donor funding from international development partners as well as the National Government to support the province in terms of green energy (geothermal) and other climate change related projects within the province.

The next step for the Provincial Executive Council of West New Province is to fully endorse the PCCC establishment and allocate budget to be sourced from within the Provincial Administration for PCCC activities.

The swearing in and the induction of the WNB PCCC members will be done early next year. The New Ireland Provincial Executive Council (PEC) has also in its decision 55/2021 approved the establishment of PCCC in the Province.

The swearing in and MoU signing will be done once dates are set by the Provincial Administration of New Ireland Province.


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